> What is Sync? We sell a digital product and application in which our customers purchase during checkout, that completely changes the identifiers of their computer, this can be for multiple reasons: Privacy, most manufacturers install unique fingerprinting identifiers on their customers computers. Peace of mind, knowing that no one is tracking your digital and hardware fingerprint. Or lastly, they can use it to test their fingerprinting service. We refund them if our software doesn't work or isn't compatible with their machine.
> What are the requirements? The requirements vary with each customer, please run the compatibility checker: https://sync.top/compatibility.exe and find out. Please make sure you have a USB ready and available to use.
> Does it require formatting my PC? Yes, it requires a full format of your PC to guarantee a safe spoof.
> How long does it take? Key generation is automatic, and we have 24/7 staff to keep you supported, instructions take maximum 10-15 minutes for advanced users and 20-25 minutes for novice users.
> Is it a "one-click" spoof? The spoof is fully automatic, but there are some mandatory instructions that you need to follow.
> Is it permanent? Yes, even if you formatted or change parts in your PC, you will be spoofed forever. Why choose our permanent spoofer over a temporary spoofer: One-time process; after you spoof with sync, you need not ever spoof again. 24/7 support. Discord bot which automates the whole spoofing process for you. Undetectable as no software is left on your PC
> How many times can I spoof? If you have bought Lifetime, then you can spoof unlimited times yourself, if you have bought One-time, you will be only able to spoof ONCE, future respoof(s) will cost you a sum of $15 each.
> What Windows Version does it support? It supports all Windows versions except Windows 11 (we support Windows 11 for COD and BattlEye only games). We do not support custom/stripped Windows versions, please do not use them as they are not covered under our refund policy.
> Can my PC break or get bricked in the process? No, it cannot break as we have multiple fail-safes for this issue.
> Does it work on laptops? If it is within the motherboard criteria, yes.
> Can it be detected, or patched? If you have successfully spoofed (more than 3 days without a ban), then no, you will never be able to get banned again, unless you decide to cheat.
> What is your refund policy? If product is not compatible with your PC, we will issue a refund. If product doesn't work with your PC, we will issue a refund. If product works with your PC, and you don't want to use it, we will not issue a refund. We will only issue refunds for INCOMPATIBILITY/NOT WORKING spoofs, and we can issue free re-spoofs at our discretion. Maximum refund time is 2 weeks, if you don't request a refund in that time-limit then your invoice is hereby declared un-refundable. We will only refund with the original payment method.
> What happens if I lose my key? We will not refund or issue a new key if you have lost your key, if this occurs, you might have to re-buy the product.
> What motherboards are supported? We support everything except DELL (WE SUPPORT XPS LAPTOPS AND ALIENWARE), and Acer Nitro Lineup. We do not support any laptops for VALORANT/FACEIT/ESEA.
> What happens if I fail the spoofing process? If you fail the spoofing process because we have unfortunately supplied you with wrong info, you will be compensated with a free re-spoof(s) or in some cases a refund at our own discretion. In other cases where you fail the process because you didn't read the instructions correctly, you will not be compensated and will need to purchase a $15 respoof.
> Can I spoof before getting banned? No, since Sync is a permanent spoofer that gives you a new PERMANENT HWID every time you spoof, thus not preventing but removing bans. We do not remove account bans.
>Can I return to my original serials and unspoof? Sync has always saved your original hardware serials, so you can unspoof at any moment of time at your own discretion.